The Crystal Meso Gun NBI-120 is a solution delivery system that is used for a range of treatments.

Some of the treatments the  NBI-120  is used for:

  • Meso Injections
  • Skin Hydration
  • Acne Scars
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Hair Loss & Alopecia
  • Skin Brightening & Melasma

Auto-Sensing Injection
Injects the solution automatically
No need for a foot pedal or trigger
Suction pressure control

Solution Loss Prevention
Viscosity control
Injection speed control

Easy To Set Up & Use
Wide display touch screen
Auto memorization
Hand-piece type

Compatible With All Kinds Of Needles
Non-suction needle
Suction needle
Adjustable needle

Product Name: Cosmetic Injector
Model Name: NBI-120
Registered No.: #4336
Product Rating: AC 100-240V, 50-GOHz, DC24V 1.3A
Components: Power adaptor, Electric cord, Foot switch
Injection Mode: Dose, Continuous, Hydro, Obesity,
Scalp, Filler, Toxin, User Mixed Solution
Flow Mode: Inject speed Control
Drop Control: Control of single dose injection amount
Used Syringe: Filler, Toxin, 1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc
Used Needles: Multi Needle -Spin 31G, 32G, 34G
Single Needle – 1pin 31G, 30G, 27G

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Cosmetic Injector
NBI-120 Brochure

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1. Skin Care(Face and Neck):

  • Hydro injection
  • Meso Cocktail
  • Placenta, Vitamin
  • Peptide, PRP

2. Petit Plastic Surgery:

  • Filler, Toxing, Dermal Toxin

3. Scalp and Hair growth Care:

  • Meso-alopecia
  • Hydro Toxin
  • Other drugs for scalp and hair growth care

4. Obesity Care:

  • LLD, PPC, HPL, Multi Cocktail Solution

Scalp, Skin, Obesity, Hydro, PPR, PPC, Filler, Toxin

  • Optimal design with pen type
  • Accurate injection system(lcc can be divided by 750 times)
  • Less pain injection system
  • Reduction of injection time
  • Reduce waste of drug
cosmetic injector NBI-120 - product information

Crystal multi injector for skin care, scalp treatment and plastic surgery