Design equipment trolley with 6 integrated treatment devices, steamer and preparation compartments:

The NEW ALL IN ONE WORKPLACE. Slim dimensions, harmonious shaping and clean surfaces. The new  Beauty Tower is the perfect all in one workstation even for small salons.

The Beauty Tower includes ALL basic line devices and a Facial Steamer  Concept Steamer integrated in all in one workstation.


  • Integrated magnifying lamp holder
  • Clear display
  • ALL 6 cosmetic devices
  1. High Frequency
  2. Galvano
  3. Skin Regulator
  4. Vac Spray
  5. Peel
  6.  Ice & Heat
  7. Micro Needling (OPTIONAL EXTRA)
  • Lots of storage space for your products
  • Protective dirt/view screen made of acrylic
  • 4 lockable, smooth running wheels
  • High quality and easy care: the specially coated glass cover plate
  • In the tower integrated FACIAL STEAMER CONCEPT steamer
  • Optional extra Micro-Needling device can be integrated

Facial Steamer Concept herb and aroma steamer
8111.003 BWT filter cartridge

8457.51 SilkySky (facial cleansing brush)
8260 Grindstone, 45mm
8361 Sponge holder
8361.001 Replacement sponges (10 pieces)

High Frequency
8273.001 HF electrode, closed

Skin Regulator
8228.051 Vinyl gloves
8228.011 Sweatbands
8228.100 Spiral cable white, with push button
8228.009 Disposable adhesive electrodes (4 pieces)
8228.031 Sensomembrane (plastic film)

Spiral cable
8242.3 Galvanetics Set (2 galvanetics, 1 galvanetics youth serum)

Vac Spray
8262 Spray bottle
8362 Adapter
8356 Glass ventouse, small
8456 Glass ventouse, oval
8362.002 Filter papers for adapter (1 pack, 10 pieces)

Ice & Heat

Electrical connection 230 V / 50-60 Hz

Ionto Steam Concept


1.400 W

1.300 W

40 W

Fuse 3 x 6,3 AT, 2 x 0,5 AT
Dimensions H x 84cm W x 54.5cm D x 41cm
Length of steamer tube 57.5 cm
Weight 50KG (including packaging 55KG)

8837-11111101 Beauty Tower Matt Lacquer White

8838-11111101 Beauty Tower Including Micro Needling Device White

8837-11111103 Beauty Tower Wenge Dark decor

8838-11111103 Beauty Tower Including Micro Needling Device Dark

8837-11111104 Beauty Tower Real Wood Veneer Hickory

8838-11111104 Beauty Tower Including Micro Needling Device Real Wood Veneer

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Facial Steamer
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