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Ionto-Steam: 8118

The FACIAL STEAMER steam generator series offers patented steaming technology for continuous use in your clinic and impresses with its variety of applications.

The FACIAL STEAMER BASIC features include an easily removable water reservoir with a capacity of 2.5 litres and, thanks to the innovative and economical STEAM technology, it is sufficient for all day use with timed steaming cycles. Furthermore, the steamer is equipped with an easy-to-fill and easy to clean herb strainer in the lid. The herb strainer provides the basis for individual aromatic evaporation units. The treatment continuous steaming times and the steam quantity regulation (50%-100%) can be easily adjusted via the in-built rotary switch.


  • 80cm long, ergonomically adjustable steam pipe
  • Timer setting up to 30 minutes
  • Steam amount regulation 50%/100%
  • Quick heating
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • Automatic shut down
  • 5 litre water tank
  • 5 easy-running, lockable castors
Electrical connection 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Power 1.300 W
Fuse 2 x 6,3 AT
Protection 1
Dimensions W 54.8 X H 93.4 X D 42 cm
Length of steam pipe 80 cm
Filling volume water tank 2.5 litres
Weight 30kg

FACIAL STEAMER BASIC herbal and aroma steamer with patented STEAM technology, mechanical control and herb sieve.

The FACIAL STEAMER BASIC can be upgraded with other modular devices to a universal treatment station. Everything you need, you will find in the mounting kit STEAM CONCEPT MODULAR, which is attached to the side of the tripod.

Accessories to be ordered separately.

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Facial Steamer Basic
2018 Brochure

Accessories for Aroma Herbal Steaming

  • Felt Rings

    Felt Rings: To insert in the steamer outlet opening at the steam arm. Suitable for all IONTO-COMED steamers

    10 pieces


  • Herb Set


    Available in 5 different varieties, dried purely organic.

    1 x box of each different herbs 38g each.

    Chamomile: For impure, inflamed and sensitive skin. Cleans the skin, soothes and relaxes. Can also be used as an anti-inflammatory.

    Peppermint: For pale, poorly per fused and tired skin. Refreshes, invigorates, cools and cleanses the skin. Promotes breathing.

    Rosemary: For greasy and poorly per fused skin. Refreshes and promotes blood circulation.

    Linden Blossoms: For nervous, sensitive skin. Relaxes and calms also harmonises the skin functions.

    Lemon Balm: For oily skin. Stimulating, constricting and invigorating. Refreshes and promotes blood circulation.

 Accessories for Water De-Calcification

  • BWT Table Water Filter Vida

    The BWT Vida 2.6L impresses with its simple and straightforward design. On the lid there is an electronic change-over indicator, which reminds you of the next filter cartridge change. In addition, the table water filter is equipped with a practical filler flap. The ergonomic handle ensures easy and safe handling.

    1 piece

  • BWT Filter Cartridge Vida

     Protection against equipment lime with patented magnesium technology.

    Especially for steamers of the IONTO-Steam series

    Suitable for all market-driven filter systems with an oval shape

    Capacity up to 120 litres of water

    6 pieces



  • BWT Filter Cartridge Round

    Protection against equipment lime with patented magnesium technology.

    Especially for steamers of the IONTO-Steam series

    Suitable for all market-driven filter systems with a round shape

    Capacity up to 100 litres of water

    4 pieces

  • Steamer Cover Lid

     To close the water filling opening with the flavour evaporator IONTO-HERB. Serves as a herbal tea holder.

    1 piece


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