The FACIAL STEAMER CONCEPT PEEL offers you not only the patented steaming technology but also the special PEEL function. This makes the treatment more efficient and effective.


• 80cm Long Ergonomically Adjustable Steam Pipe
• With Integrated Peel Function (Skin Cleansing and Peeling Brush Massage)
• Time Setting Up To 30 Minutes
• Memory Function for Steaming
• Three Speed Soft Steam Memory
• Steam Amount Regulation 50%/100%
• 5 Easy-Running, Lockable Castors
• Integrated Face & Body Brush
• Built in Herb Sieve
• Quick Heating & Instant Steam
• Electronic Control Panel
• Fully Adjustable Steam Pipe
• 2 ½ Litre Plastic Water Tank
• Easy Refill
• Safe & Easy to Operate
• Automatic Timer & Shutdown
• Environmentally Friendly
• Energy Saving

The rotating brush removes makeup quickly and thoroughly than it is possible by hand and offers everything that clients want. Gentle massage and a professional cleansing routine that’s delicate even on sensitive skin.

The certified beauty filament bristles of the peeling brushes remove excess skin cells and hornification quickly, thoroughly and without any action of acid. The blood circulation is stimulated in a natural way and prepares the skin perfectly for the subsequent care products.

Our goal is that our customers always work with the best materials and the latest technology. Therefore our brushes are made with extremely high-quality certified filament bristles.

Your Advantages:

  • Certified beauty filament bristles
  • Skin-friendly and safe
  • For permanent use in the salon
  • Durable
  • Odourless
  • Disinfectable
Electrical connection 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Power 1.300 W
Fuse 2 x 6,3 AT
Protection 1
Dimensions W 54.8 X H 93.4 X D 42 cm
Length of steam pipe 80 cm
Filling volume water tank 2.5 litres
Weight 30kg

Facial steamer concept herb and aroma steamer with patented STEAM technology, electronic control with integrated  PEEL function.

The FACIAL  STEAMER CONCEPT PEEL can be upgraded with other modular devices to a universal treatment station. Everything you need, you will find in the mounting kit STEAM CONCEPT MODULAR, which is attached to the side of the tripod.

Accessories to be ordered separately

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Facial Steamer Concept
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The FACIAL STEAMER CONCEPT PEEL offers the advantages of the Steam technology and impresses with its smooth soft steam.

The steamer has an easily removable water reservoir with a capacity of 2.5 liters and, due to the innovative and economical STEAM technology; it is suitable for all day steaming cycles. However, only the amount of water that is required is heated. This is record breaking fast technology and saves energy in your salon.

Furthermore, the steamer is equipped with an easy to fill and easy to clean herb strainer in the lid. The steaming times (up to 30 minutes) and the steam quantity regulation (50% or 100%) can be easily set via the user-friendly control panel.

FACIAL STEAMER CONCEPT PEEL allows you to assign 2 memory functions individually by pressing a button. You can switch on ozone via the control panel, so that the steam is silky smooth. This phenomenon is made possible by the use of a high-quality UV lamp, which splits the oxygen. The result of this complicated process is a very pleasant one: the steam enriched with oxygen in the way is very fine, light and perceived by the client as extremely pleasant.


The special feature of this steamer is the built-in Peel function. This allows you to gently remove dead skin cells on the face and body. This allows the skin to absorb the active ingredients much better. The effectiveness of the treatment is enhanced by the use of the professional care and beauty facial cleansing and peeling products.


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