The FACIAL STEAMER CONCEPT offers you patented steaming technology for permanent use in your clinic and impresses with its variety of applications.


  • 80cm Long Ergonomically Adjustable Steam Pipe
  • Time Setting up to 30 Minutes
  • Memory Function for Steaming
  • Steam Amount Regulation 50%/100%
  • Integrated Face & Body Brush
  • Built in Herb Sieve
  • Quick Heating & Instant Steam
  • Electronic Control Panel
  • Fully Adjustable Steam Pipe
  • 2 ½ Litre Plastic Water Tank
  • Easy Refill
  • Safe & Easy To Operate
  • 5 Easy-Running, Lockable Castors
  • Automatic Timer & Shutdown
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Energy Saving
Electrical connection 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Power 1.300 W
Fuse 2 x 6,3 AT
Protection 1
Dimensions W 54.8 X H 93.4 X D 42 cm
Length of steam pipe 80 cm
Filling volume water tank 2.5 litres
Weight 30kg

FACIAL STEAMER CONCEPT herb and aroma steamer with patented STEAM technology, electronic control, soft steam, memory function and herb sieve.

The FACIAL STEAM CONCEPT can be upgraded with other modular devices to a universal treatment station. Everything you need, you will find in the mounting kit STEAM CONCEPT MODULAR, which is attached to the side of the tripod.

Accessories to be ordered separately

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Facial Steamer Concept
2018 Brochure

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