Disinfecting & Activating!



 Skin Disinfection- Disinfect, Activate & Vitalise

The treatment with the High Frequency Facial Treatment promotes the blood circulation of the skin, has astringent and also has a disinfecting effect. The HF rod can be placed on the relevant area immediately after the removal of skin impurities. The ozone produces very gentle disinfection and prevents inflammation.

The roller electrode can be used over a large area, e.g. the back and décolletage area. The treatment is also suitable for disinfection after depilation. Further areas of applicability will become apparent in podiatry, as for the efficient treatment of plantar warts (open electrode), in granulated, inflamed adipose tissue in the nail fold area (face electrode), as a precaution against fungal diseases (face electrode) and inflamed corns.


  • Minimal noise
  • Easy to use, secure coupling mechanism for electrodes
  • Different electrodes for different use
Electrical connection 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions W 19 cm X H 6.6cm  X D 17.3cm
Weight 1kg

Device and HF wand, please order electrodes separately.

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High Frequency Facial Treatment
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