Benefits of the Infinity LED Light Therapy

RED LIGHT (635nm):

Accelerates Cell Metabolism, Anti-Aging, Produces Collagen, Improves Skin Elasticity

GREEN LIGHT (560nm):

Improves Oily Skin, Treats Acne, Stimulates Lymph Glands, Reduces Swelling

BLUE LIGHT (415nm):

Anti-Bacterial, Acne Healing, Reduces Inflammation

YELLOW LIGHT (635nm & 560nm):

Accelerates Blood Flow, Lymph Circulation, Improves the Skin Tone

PINK LIGHT (635nm & 415nm):

Accelerates Cell Metabolism, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Firming, Anti-Aging, Improves Skin Structure


Improves Wound Healing, Pain Relief


Light Source PDT LED
Wavelength Red Light 635±5nm; Green Light 560±5nm; Blue Light 415±5nm; Infrared Light 830±5nm
LED Bulb Quantity 60pcs Of Each Panel
LED Input Power Red Light-120w / LED Panel; Green Light-180w/LED Panel; Blue Light-180w/LED Panel
Operation Interface 8” True Colour Touch Screen
Cooling System Air Cooling System
Input Voltage Ac85v~260v Full Range, 50/60hz
Dimension 500 x 500 x 1350mm
Weight 50kg ±0.5kg

Conductive Gel

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Infinity LED Light
2018 Brochure

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Advantages of the LED Light Therapy

  • 3 Large Easily Adjustable Face/Body Panels (180pcs Extra-Large LED)
  • 9W/LED, Strongest Energy Output
  • Multi-Language Option
  • Easy Touch Screen Application with Standard mode and Professional mode
  • 7 Preset Treatment Modules for Face & 2 for Body
  • Optional Professional Treatment Mode, full Customisation
  • Combined Wave Length Option (Pink & Yellow)
  • Hand-Free Device
  • Stable & Easy to Manoeuvre
  • Multiple Treatment Options
  • Pain-Free & Non-Invasive
  • Excellent Device for Pre & Post Care
  • Safe Interlock Design
  • No Consumables

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