Ionto Ultrasound - ARTG 308992
Ionto Ultrasound - ARTG 308992






  • Ultrasound device with 1MHz, 3MHz and 10MHz
  • 30 pre-set treatment programs for face and body
  • Touch screen interface
  • 2 ergonomically shaped ultrasonic handpieces with two handpiece holders
  • Angle adjustable display

Treatment Benefits:

• Reduces Wrinkle and Lines
• Skin Tightening
• Improves Skin Appearance (Tone and Texture)
• Blemished Skin Treatment
• Revitalizes Dull Skin
• Rehydrate Skin ( with moisturising serum)
• Improves Skin Appearance for Rosacea (consultation
with dermatologist recommended)
• Optimum follow-up treatment after
• Mirco-needling
• Micro dermabrasion
• Deep Cleansing
• Acne Scar Treatment
• Treatment for Stretch Marks
• Improves Appearance of Cellulite

Electrical connection 230 or 10V / 50-6Hz
Dimensions W 36 cm X H 16.5cm  X D 24cm
Weight 4kg
ARTG 308992

Sonic Intense Ultrasound Device, 2 x Ultrasound Handpiece 1MHZ+ 3MHZ, 2.5cm, SONO Contact Gel Basic 200ml, Treatment Manual (1800.B031).

  • Promotion of collagen synthesis
  • Micro massage especially in the epidermis by 10MHz
  • Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement of the skin elasticity
  • Improves the absorption of active ingredients
  • Improvement of the skin relief
  • Minimisation of couperose
  • Pore refinement

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Ultrasound Device
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10 MHz-the Special Feature:

The use of ultrasound at 10MHz has a targeted effect on the uppermost skin layers and can regulate inflammation and inflammatory processes and specifically improve the skin structure. In particular, the upper skin cells are activated by the negative pressure phases and stimulated to regenerate the skin. This results in a comprehensive skin improvement with visible outcomes! 10 MHz is more beneficial than other frequencies since it is mainly focused on the dermis and epidermis where the ageing processes take place.


Depending on frequency, intensity, time and mode, the Sonic Intense can be used for almost ALL skin needs. The Sonic Intense uses high-frequency ultrasound with three different frequencies: 1MHz, 3MHz and 10MHz. Depending on the skin’s needs, the corresponding frequencies are transmitted to the skin and act at different depths.


Customised Programs:

The 30 user-friendly programs have been developed for different skin types and offer animated treatment procedures. The treatment range and the direction into which the ultrasound head must be guided are displayed in the treatment program. The right program can be easily and quickly activated be selecting the appropriate skin pattern.

Ergonomics for Easy Operation:

The angle-adjustable display allows individual device positions with an optimal display recognition from different perspectives. Therefore body and facial treatments can be perfectly applied.