WINBACK energy is a sculpting and tightening device for the face and body that features an innovative and unique high-frequency Tecar therapy current that stimulates your body’s ability to regenerate. It speeds up the “natural regeneration” of biological tissues. Because it is low intensity, the treatment is 100% natural for the human body and completely non-invasive. WINBACK regenerates every layer of your epidermis, working deep down. Your skin becomes firmer and looks younger. It directly targets imperfections in the storage areas (belly, hips, thighs) and helps to redesign the body’s silhouette.

WINBACK uses a soft shaping technique combined with kneading to activate circulatory changes and eradicate fat storage faster. It stands out by offering unique and intelligent features to offer your clients high quality treatments. The WINBACK energy is easy to handle and has several useful functionalities. You focus on your care and the energy follows you in each of your expert gestures.

Clinical Applications (Face)

Refines Skin Texture
Drains & Brightens Complexion
Eliminates Water Retention for Face and Eye Area
Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Reduces Acne Scars
Lifts Facial Contours
Reduces Double Chin


Clinical Applications (Body)

Restores Skin Density
Arm Firming and Tightening
Reduces The Appearance of Cellulite
Remodels Body Contouring
Supports Lymphatic Drainage
Eliminates Water Retention

Device Advantages

Ergonomic Care Heads

Lightweight & Transportable

Non-Invasive And Painless Treatments

Visible Results After the First Treatment

Digital Touch Screen Interface

Long Lasting Results

The Desired Effect Can Be Maintained with One Treatment A Month

Unique State of The Art TECAR Technology

Manual Care

Your hands replace the electrodes and diffuse the energy thanks to the wearing of bracelets. Totally non-invasive, this technique offers unparalleled freedom of movement and comfort.

Fibrous Cellulite and Firming Treatment

Reflexology works to stimulate and activate the body’s resources from within and unblock lymphatic zones. A soothing action makes the areas sensitive to touch, then adhesions are removed using localised hyperthermia. A soft shaping technique is followed by kneading to activate circulatory changes and eradicate fat storage faster. The treatment finishes off by revitalising the skin to erase any visible effects.

Hands-Free Device

WINBACK offers the possibility of placing fixed adhesive electrodes for a better flexibility of treatment and an optimal comfort. These ergonomic electrodes adapt to all morphologies.

Localised Fatty Deposits

Reflex and Lymphatic stimulus. Deep tissue shaping all-over to maximise circulation and focused energetic action to promote movement within the fatty area. As an option, a muscle-strengthening session will increase the benefits of the treatment.

Slimming Treatments

Reduces all kinds of cellulite, fatty tissues, and water retention. WINBACK works directly on areas where fat is stored (stomach, hips, thighs) producing a diathermic, circulatory effect. By shrinking the volume, pressure on the hypodermis is relieved, erasing the orange peel look of cellulitis. This makes WINBACK the perfect solution to aid in slimming and eradicate imperfections from within. The treatment is very comfortable and non-invasive and results can be seen from the first treatment.

Loss of Skin Laxity

Reactivating skin cells (fibroblasts), and microcapillary recruitment and stimulation, restores the muscle volume of the face which has a plumping effect. If necessary, excess lymph is removed from the areas. Light facial massage (MIX/MIX+) to reach every layer of the skin and finish with a toning effect and a natural glow.


“Not only a rejuvenation secret but also a moment of relaxation where you take your time. The relaxation is very fast, not only for the face but also for the body that relaxes quickly. The hand massage + warmth at your fingertips provides amazing sensations. The Sweet heat of the electrodes associated with circular massage gives a toning dimension to the session.
Benefits :
-The results are immediately visible and improve even more on the next day
-‘Good look’ effect
-Firmer / tighter skin
-Dark Circles are less visible
-Less visible wrinkles
-The session duration is neither too short nor too long.
-Addiction effect / desire to do sessions more often.”


“I am a fan of natural and non-invasive methods, which, on the one hand, improve the appearance of my skin but also prepare the future of it by fighting against the effects of time!
Why do I like WINBACK?
For the sensations: Each session is a relaxing moment, the protocol of application is extremely pleasant and relaxing for the face, in particular the manual heated massage.
For the results: Immediate visual effect, radiant complexion, refined skin texture.
After each session, I systematically receive congratulations on the radiance of my skin!
For the time/results ratio: A session between 20 and 30 minutes gives an immediate radiant visual effect. Just a touch of powder and I’m ready to go back to the office!
This treatment makes my skin smart, it becomes its own rejuvenating cream by making collagen and elastin by itself. With WINBACK, my beauty really comes from the inside !”