Costec is a market leader in high quality Aesthetic and Medical Devices and Skin Care products in Australia.

We represent quality and innovation by delivering products with high standards in performance and reliability.

Our specially sourced Products and Devices unique to the Australian Aesthetic and Medical Industry are perfectly matched to each other for maximum treatment comfort and total operator freedom, changing the dynamics of how treatments are performed, raising consumer expectations.

We stand for well-being and care of ones own natural beauty and aesthetic, making an important contribution to a healthy, balanced and stable environment through professional wellness concepts and equipment for professionals with high standards of quality and performance. Our products produce an energy saving, clean and climate friendly output  for investment in our future.

We are proud to exclusively deliver NEOGEN Nitrogen Plasma Technology, a unique modality able to treat a multitude of aesthetic and medical concerns, as well as high-quality Mesotherapy devices such as the Crystal Meso Injector and TurtlepinIII Stimulator, the VEINGOGH System, German-made IONTO aesthetic devices, INFINITY Medical Grade LED, HIFU Technology and Laser Safety Course. We have also recently introduced TECAR technology by WINBACK.

As your Business Partner, it is our Mission to ensure all our Products meet your Practice needs and provides effective and high-quality solutions to ensure maximum treatment benefits, patient satisfaction and profitability. Our impressive and innovative products come with a commitment to exceptional customer service, training and business support.


With a devoted attention to needs, Costec is your partner in business success. Welcome to the next generation of well-being.