Crystal Multi-pin 5 Needle

Packed sterile and TGA listed the Crystal Multi-Pin 5 Needle fits perfectly onto any Luer Lock syringe and works harmoniously with the Cosmetic Injector NBI-120 and Crystal Meso Cordless Injector NBI-300.

Each needle tip is hand-cut 3 ways into a bevel. This significantly decreases needle puncture marks and pain associated with the injection. Leak-free product delivery is ensured due to precision penetration of the skin barrier.

The Crystal Multi-Pin 5 Needle is available in depths of 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm.  Crystal Multi-Pin 5 Needle cartridges are perfect for mesotherapy, PRP, toxin, HA, multivitamin cocktails, and bespoke mixtures ensuring accurate product delivery into the skin each time. 

ARTG 319284

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Non-suction 5-pin multi-needle. Compatible with any Luer Lock syringe.
20pcs box. Easy and precise application

Skin Care

Hydro Injection
Meso Cocktail
Placenta, Vitamin
Peptide PRP

Minor Plastic Surgery

Dermal Toxin

Scalp and Hair Growth

Meso alopecia
Hydro Toxin
Other drugs for scalp and hair growth

Obesity Care

Multi Cocktail Solution