Vein Gogh

The art of disappearing leg veins and the beauty of summer legs.

The new VeinGogh treatment is the latest technology for effectively removing spider veins, telangiectasias (red veins) and smaller blood vessels.




Immediate, noticeable results

Minimal discomfort with no anaesthesia

Safely treats all skin types, not often the case with laser or IPL

Usually only requires one treatment


Fast walk-in/walk-out procedure for optimal patient satisfaction

Low priced consumables for rapid ROI and profitability

Portable system with remarkable ease of use

Works with all skin types, even tanned skin

FDA approved for lower limb spider veins and telangiectasia

Approved by the FDA for supervised use by PA and other trained physician staff


“The VeinGogh treatment worked so much better than the laser treatment I received several years back. It was less painful and it only took one treatment to get rid of the spider veins!” – Ann P.