Designed and built in the USA, and now available in Australia! VeinGogh is an easy way to reliably treat conditions of telangiectasia and spider veins. Unlike IPL and most Lasers, VeinGogh can safely treat any skin type, including tanned skin. Compact, portable VeinGogh instantly eliminates vessels dependable and repeatably. VeinGogh delivers results using unique, proprietary Microburst Technology.

Finance for as little as $21/day*.

*This is based on funding the full amount including GST over 60 months with No Balloon (subject to credit approval).

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Download Brochure


Treat fine vessels up to 0.3mm diameter

No anesthesia required

Clears vessels laser/IPL and sclero leave behind

Immediate results

Usually only a single treatment required


Excellent Return on Investment

Can be used by physician staff under the direction of trained physician

Remarkable ease of use

Compact system is easily moved from room to room

Reliable technology with fast depot repair service

Cleared by the FDA for treatment of lower limb spider veins and telangiectasia


Only VeinGogh incorporates Microburst Technology, a powerful and revolutionary frequency regulator that achieves fixed amplitude, allowing controllable power for heating of vessels. Microburst Technology allows the VeinGogh to deliver peak wave modulation-fixing each pulse at an exact, unfluctuating amplitude for greater control. The precise peaks help deliver consistent power.

Microburst Technology allows the VeinGogh to deliver peak wave modulation-fixing each pulse at an exact, unfluctuating amplitude for greater control. The resulting pulse train also encompasses sharp, precise peaks to minimize the risk of damage and deliver consistent results.

  • Small veins on the legs are treated with a needle holder in combination with the specially designed thermocoagulation needles:
  • K3i needle with diameter 0.075mm


BristleTM technology exclusively from VeinGogh. The VeinGogh is the only device that utilizes BristleTM technology with single-use needle and probe assembly. Cutting-edge design specifically targets unacceptable vessels using Microburst Technology. Veingogh Includes AutoPulse Technology that delivers repetitive pulses ranging from 0.5-3 seconds (user selectable) for greater ease of use. Designed for the legs to treat small red veins that are often difficult to inject with sclero. See how it works. Available only with VeinGogh.


“Once I added VeinGogh to my practice I was able to clear nearly any vessel remaining after other treatments. My costs went down and my patients’ satisfaction went way up.”

Dr. Ron Bush, MD, FACS, Vascular Surgeon, Dayton OH

“We have been using VeinGogh almost exclusively on telangiectasias, but since we began using the new bristle tips on the legs, we have seen amazing results. It is now our go-to treatment for those patients with residual, small, recalcitrant vessels after sclerotherapy treatment.”

Dr. Mark A. Schwartz MD, FACS, RPVI Lake Success, N.Y.

“I use the VeinGogh in my practice on a daily basis. The device is suited best to treat smaller veins on the legs. It allows for treatment of more sensitive areas, such as addressing spider veins around the lower ankles and around the knees. VeinGogh is a minimally invasive technique that involves little or no discomfort or downtime. The procedure is safe for any skin type and takes just a few minutes to complete Results begin to appear immediately after a treatment and continue to improve over a number of days or weeks. It’s an integral part of our vein practice.“

Dr. Luke Maj, MD, MHA