Ionto Beauty Tower

Ionto Beauty Tower

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Design equipment trolley with 6 integrated treatment devices, steamer and preparation compartments:

The NEW ALL IN ONE WORKPLACE. Slim dimensions, harmonious shaping and clean surfaces. The new  Beauty Tower is the perfect all in one workstation even for small salons.

The Beauty Tower includes ALL basic line devices and a Facial Steamer  Concept Steamer integrated in all in one workstation.


  • Integrated magnifying lamp holder
  • Clear display
  • ALL 6 cosmetic devices
  1. High Frequency
  2. Galvano
  3. Skin Regulator
  4. Vac Spray
  5. Peel
  6.  Ice & Heat
  7. Micro Needling (OPTIONAL EXTRA)
  • Lots of storage space for your products
  • Protective dirt/view screen made of acrylic
  • 4 lockable, smooth running wheels
  • High quality and easy care: the specially coated glass cover plate
  • In the tower integrated FACIAL STEAMER CONCEPT steamer
  • Optional extra Micro-Needling device can be integrated

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Advantages of Costec Needle Tips:

  • Painless, pleasant treatment by 18 tiny needle tips
  • The needle tips are disposable items and individually packed for a safe and hygienic treatment
  • Ensures comfortable adjustment of the stitch depth directly at the hand piece
  • Each tip has a side opening into which can be filled with concentrated active ingredients and incorporated directly during treatment
  • Pleasant, very accurate and consistent work by a powerful motor in the hand piece: this moves the tip quickly up and down, similar to a stamp, so that it can be conducted without pressure on the skin

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 84 × 54.5 × 41 cm

Matt Lacquer White, Wenge Dark Decor


Include Microneedling Device, No Extra

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    Facial Brushing is used to assist with cleansing and exfoliation during a skin treatment. A facial brush can be used on both your face and neck, and removes that top layer of dead skin to improve skin tone. This, along with its effects to stimulate circulation, will create firmer, healthier looking skin. When combined with an abrasive scrub, they mildly intensify the exfoliating action. Facial Brushes also help remove excess sebum and compactions, assist in the removal of make-up and cleanse the skin thoroughly.

    Brush Cleaning:

    The rate at which the brush head rotates may be adjusted to suit the client’s skin needs. Prior to starting the procedure, slightly dampen the brush, and use steam when cleansing to keep the product moist and help the flow of the brush on the skin. The rotating brush removes makeup quickly and more thoroughly than it is possible by hand and offers everything that clients want. Gentle massage and a professional cleansing routine that’s delicate even on sensitive skin.

    Brush Peeling:

    The certified beauty filament bristles of German Made Beauty peeling brushes remove excess skin cells and hornification quickly, thoroughly and without any action of acid.


    Light weight hand piece, proven technology and constant speed. Adjustable touch display, extensive accessories available separately.

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  • Ionto Ice & Heat Facial Machine

    Cooling and Stimulating-Vascular Training

    The heat function of  ICE & HEAT the effect of the incorporated active agents can be significantly enhanced. The blood circulation is stimulated and the metabolism activated. In the case of the cold function, however, the vessels react with a short-term natural constriction and subsequent intensive blood circulation.

    In addition, the cold calms after plucking eyebrows, deep cleansing or swollen tear sacs. Mutual warm-cold treatment (vascular training) is unique with the ICE and HEAT wand, as the wand is working parallel. This stimulates the metabolism and cause better absorption of active ingredients. In addition tissue and muscles are strengthened.


    • Cold treatment in the range +5 to +15 degrees
    • Heat treatment in the range +20 to + 38 degrees
    • Safety shutdown after 30 minutes. Continuous operation
    • Heating and Cooling treatment with ONE hand piece

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  • Ionto High Frequency Facial machine

    Disinfecting & Activating!



     Skin Disinfection- Disinfect, Activate & Vitalise

    The treatment with the High Frequency Facial Treatment promotes the blood circulation of the skin, has astringent and also has a disinfecting effect. The HF rod can be placed on the relevant area immediately after the removal of skin impurities. The ozone produces very gentle disinfection and prevents inflammation.

    The roller electrode can be used over a large area, e.g. the back and décolletage area. The treatment is also suitable for disinfection after depilation. Further areas of applicability will become apparent in podiatry, as for the efficient treatment of plantar warts (open electrode), in granulated, inflamed adipose tissue in the nail fold area (face electrode), as a precaution against fungal diseases (face electrode) and inflamed corns.


    • Minimal noise
    • Easy to use, secure coupling mechanism for electrodes
    • Different electrodes for different use

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  • Ionto Skin Regulator

    IONTO-MESO SL: 8826.8433

    Lymphatic Micro Massage for Face and Body

    Apparative lymphatic massage promoting microcirculation, anti-ageing, problem skin treatment and cellulite.

    This extraordinary treatment method sets new accents in the salon: a manual treatment method supported by apparative cosmetics.

    Your hands glide over the face or body of the client and gently vibrate their skin and muscles.

    The skin regulator operates in the range of 5-50 Hz and can therefore work down to the depth of the tissue. By activating the lymph flow, metabolic products are transported. It creates a balance between supply and purification, so that the skin looks healthy and radiant.

    The treatment ensures optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. In addition, muscles are toned and relaxed. Use the effect of the vibration specifically to the relaxation of your clients.

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