Ionto Frimator Brush Machine


Facial Brushing is used to assist with cleansing and exfoliation during skin treatment. A facial brush can be used on both your face and neck and removes that top layer of dead skin to improve skin tone. This, along with its effects to stimulate circulation, will create firmer, healthier-looking skin. When combined with an abrasive scrub, they mildly intensify the exfoliating action. Facial Brushes also help remove excess sebum and compactions, assist in the removal of make-up, and cleanse the skin thoroughly.

Brush Cleaning:

The rate at which the brush head rotates may be adjusted to suit the client’s skin needs. Prior to starting the procedure, slightly dampen the brush, and use steam when cleansing to keep the product moist and help the flow of the brush on the skin. The rotating brush removes makeup quickly and more thoroughly than it is possible by hand and offers everything that clients want. Gentle massage and a professional cleansing routine that’s delicate even on sensitive skin.

Brush Peeling:

The certified beauty filament bristles of German Made Beauty peeling brushes remove excess skin cells and hornification quickly, thoroughly, and without any action of acid.


Lightweight handpiece, proven technology, and constant speed. Adjustable touch display, extensive accessories available separately.

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