Ionto Ice & Heat Facial Machine

Cooling and Stimulating-Vascular Training

The heat function of  ICE & HEAT the effect of the incorporated active agents can be significantly enhanced. The blood circulation is stimulated and the metabolism activated. In the case of the cold function, however, the vessels react with a short-term natural constriction and subsequent intensive blood circulation.

In addition, the cold calms after plucking eyebrows, deep cleansing, or swollen tear sacs. Mutual warm-cold treatment (vascular training) is unique with the ICE and HEAT wand, as the wand is working parallel. This stimulates the metabolism and cause better absorption of active ingredients. In addition tissue and muscles are strengthened.


  • Cold treatment in the range +5 to +15 degrees
  • Heat treatment in the range +20 to + 38 degrees
  • Safety shutdown after 30 minutes. Continuous operation
  • Heating and Cooling treatment with ONE handpiece

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