Ionto Skin Regulator

Lymphatic Micro Massage for Face and Body

Apparative lymphatic massage promoting microcirculation, anti-aging, problem skin treatment, and cellulite.

This extraordinary treatment method sets new accents in the salon: a manual treatment method supported by apparating cosmetics.

Your hands glide over the face or body of the client and gently vibrate their skin and muscles.

The skin regulator operates in the range of 5-50 Hz and can therefore work down to the depth of the tissue. By activating the lymph flow, metabolic products are transported. It creates a balance between supply and purification, so that the skin looks healthy and radiant.

The treatment ensures an optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. In addition, muscles are toned and relaxed. Use the effect of the vibration specifically to the relaxation of your clients.

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Dimensions 6.6 × 19 × 17.3 cm
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