Crystal Multi-pin 5 Needle

Packed sterile and TGA listed the Crystal Multi-Pin 5 Needle fits perfectly onto any Luer Lock syringe and works harmoniously with the Cosmetic Injector NBI-120 and Crystal Meso Cordless Injector NBI-300.

Each needle tip is hand-cut 3 ways into a bevel. This significantly decreases needle puncture marks and pain associated with the injection. Leak-free product delivery is ensured due to precision penetration of the skin barrier.

The Crystal Multi-Pin 5 Needle is available in depths of 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm.  Crystal Multi-Pin 5 Needle cartridges are perfect for mesotherapy, PRP, toxin, HA, multivitamin cocktails, and bespoke mixtures ensuring accurate product delivery into the skin each time. 

ARTG 319284

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